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Get a VIP Card for your visit!

Lazy River

Join the VIP Club!

Visit with Ultimate Convenience - With a Silverwood VIP Card, you'll get your very own reloadable Silverwood debit card for all of your in-park purchases. Not convinced? Here are all the benefits:


A Silverwood VIP Card is a FREE service that we offer all of our guests. All you have to do is visit our VIP Order page and sign up through your account.

Remove and Reload Money

A VIP card is completely flexible to your budget. You are free to add, or remove, money from your account whenever you would like. Have some antsy kids who want to spend their time riding roller coasters? Give them a VIP card with a set amount already loaded on the card.

It's Secure

Afraid of your debit/credit card falling in the wrong hands? A VIP Card has a picture of the cardholder's face on the card and in the computer when it is scanned. That way, nobody can use it besides you.

It's Convenient

Forget to bring your VIP Card? No worries, we have your information saved in our secure database. All you need to know is your VIP Key and you will be able to use your card throughout the park. This comes in handy when you are enjoying Boulder Beach and don't want to go to your locker to get money.

No need for an ID

Enjoying the Lazy River's float up bar just got easier. The VIP card takes the hassle out of carrying around wet money and an ID wherever you go. When you pick up your VIP Card at the Season Pass Desk, you will be able to show a license that proves your birthday. This information will be recorded within the VIP Card profile so whenever you scan it, the cashier will be able to verify that you're over the legal drinking age of 21. No pockets? Just tell them your VIP Key and your information will pull up in the system.