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Lazy River


To create a safer environment, we are moving to a cashless operation within the park. Let us show you the many options we are making available to facilitate the elimination of handling cash while at Silverwood.

Credit, Debit, Apple Pay, Google Pay

All of our Point of Sale registers are equipped to handle the most commonly used credit, debit cards as well as contactless payment forms such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Silverwood Band (Waterproof Wristband)

Simple and secure way to always have your cash on hand (or wrist) - When you purchase a ticket online, you may optionally add cash to each ticket. When this ticket is scanned at the entrance gate, you will receive a Silverwood Band linked to your ticket that can be used to make purchases at any location in the park. This band will be secure to your wrist, so you don't have to risk your credit card falling out when you are flying through twists and turns on our world-class coasters. In addition, your Silverwood Band is waterproof for purchasing that refreshing drink while floating the lazy river.

Photo Protection - When you receive your Silverwood Band, we will take your photo for added security. This way, if your Silverwood Band accidentally falls off and somebody tries to use it to make a purchase, your money will be safe from theft.

Reload Money - You may add additional funds to your Silverwood Band at any Silverwood Currency location in the park. You may also log into your Silverwood online account and add additional funds to each Silverwood Band at any time.

End of Day Refund - When your day is finished, you may refund any remaining balance on your Silverwood Band back to the credit card that was used when adding funds to the ticket. This may be done at any Silverwood Currency location in the park or by logging back into your Silverwood online account and proceeding to the Manage Your Cash link.

Helpful Hint - Be sure to add a name to each ticket which will also be printed on the Silverwood Band when your ticket is scanned at the front gate. This will make it easier to distribute the appropriate Silverwood Band to the correct person when entering the park.

Reloadable Cash Card

The Silverwood Cash Card provides a simple way of conducting purchases at any of our retail, Food and beverage venues or test your skill at one of our Game Booths.

It is an easy way of providing yourself or your child with a means of purchasing anything in the park without having to handle cash. Cash Cards can be purchased online here or may be purchased at any Point of Sale location in the park. Cash Cards purchased at the park must be paid for by credit/debit cards or by cash at specific locations only. Additional money can be added to any card at designated Point of Sale location in the park. Additionally, if you purchase your Cash Card online, you may log back into your account at any time and add additional funds to any of your Cash Cards.

Join the VIP Club!

Visit with Ultimate Convenience - With a Silverwood VIP Card, you'll get your very own reloadable Silverwood debit card for all of your in-park purchases. Not convinced? Here are all the benefits:

It's FREE - A Silverwood VIP Card is a FREE service that we offer all of our guests. All you have to do is visit our VIP Order page and sign up through your account. You can also get a VIP card at the Season Pass Desk during your visit.

Remove and Reload Money - A VIP card is completely flexible to your budget. You are free to add or remove money from your account whenever you would like. Have some antsy kids who want to spend their time riding roller coasters? Give them a VIP card with a set amount already loaded on the card.

It's Secure - Afraid of your debit/credit card falling into the wrong hands? A VIP Card has a picture of the cardholder's face on the card and in the computer when it is scanned. That way, nobody can use it besides you.

It's Convenient - Forget to bring your VIP Card? No worries, we have your information saved in our secure database. All you need to know is your VIP Key, and you will be able to use your card throughout the park. This comes in handy when you are enjoying Boulder Beach and don't want to go to your locker to get money.

Season Passes are Already in the Club - If you have already purchased a season pass, then you are already part of the club! All season passes double as a VIP card and receives the same cashless benefits.

Terms and Conditions

Any cashless balance automatically expires five years after the date of purchase or last date of reloading. An inactivity fee of $3 each month will be assessed following twelve months of inactivity.

Refunds can be done at any Silverwood Currency location in the park, by logging back into your Silverwood online account and proceeding to the Manage Your Cash link, or by calling our Guest Relations department at 208-683-3400.

Account details prior to January 1, 2021 are no longer available.