Silverwood: Timber Terror


Type: Wood Coaster
Height: 85 Feet
Top Speed: 55 MPH
Track: 2,700 Feet
Opened: 1996


High Intensity

48 inches min or 42 inches w Adult

Timber Terror

Timber Terror opened in 1996 and Silverwood has never been the same. Belonging to a genre of roller coasters known as air coasters, Timber Terror is sure to put plenty of air between your seat and ours giving this coaster thrills and chills all its own.

After leaving the loading station, you climb straight up the first hill, 85 feet in the air. Turning, you make the drop into the first chain of hills, provoking Timber Terror's well-known sensation of weightlessness. It is not over yet though; as you head back, you will scream your way through another run of hills before roaring into a crushing 360-degree turn, finally arriving back at the loading station.


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