A Trip To Yesteryear (No Silver Mine Show) - Sit back and relax as Engine Number 7 pulls your train around the Silverwood back forest and Conductor Joe gives you some fun facts about the history of our beloved area. You will be transported to yesteryear and see amazing wildlife and some real bison during your tour.

Silver Mine Shootout: The Search for Sasquatch - Hop aboard the Silverwood Central Railway as wildlife guides, Ruby and Eddie, take you on a tour through the Silverwood back forest. Along the way, your guides will point out all of the amazing wildlife and plant life during your search for the beloved Sasquatch.

Rescue Mission: Saving Sasquatch - This four-person show follows our tour guides on their rescue mission to find a kidnapped co-worker who has disappeared while trying to rescue Sasquatch from a team of poachers. Filled with mystery, betrayal, fight scenes, and nature puns, this cast has to work together to provide the best darn tour, despite all things going awry.


The Marvin the Moose Show – Come meet Marvin, a real, live, talking moose! Our Wildlife Host facilitates this fun, interactive show where you can learn all about #mooselife.

The High Moon Saloon Variety Show (June thru Labor Day) – Vaudeville, look out, as our new saloon show brings excitement and wonder to the High Moon Stage. Magic, singing, puppeteering, and comedy all come together to create this fun, silly variety show.

Theatre of Illusion

Phantasm – The 30-minute show includes plenty of illusions and sleight-of-hand. Nick Norton has trained with top magicians over the years, he also works with a talented technical team that makes each show a full multi-media experience, including lights, sound, video, CGI, live birds and more. This show is sure to thrill audiences of all ages. You won't believe your eyes!